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Get your No Risk world class high quality genuine H2PRO Ceramic Flat Iron with No Sales Tax* & Free Nationwide Shipping Offer Today!

H2PRO was recently featured on the famous 'EXTRA' T.V. Show and provided curling irons, flat irons and hair dryers for the back stage hair team at the 2012 Academy Awards. Now you can get the same superior quality flat irons used by celebrity stylists & hair professionals with our iron clad hassle free 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

With our Lowest Price & Largest Variety Guarantee on H2PRO flat irons, curling irons and high powered hair dryers you can order yours with complete confidence from our safe and secured website which is monitored 24/7, 365 days by Volusion. 

Our prices on H2PRO flat irons go as low as $39.95 and ALL H2PRO products are shipped at no extra charge and arrive with One Year Manufacturers Warranty.

*For those residing outside the state of Wisconsin, there is NO Sales Tax either.

Your credit card transaction is completely safe with our state of the art secured transaction system. We take pride in having a BBB A+ Rating and in being business for over 17 years. Ours is the only site in the nation that is authorized by H2PRO to promote their products online and has been seen in media on sites like MSN, Reuters, American Express Open, The Business Journal & more.

Scroll down to see what nation's top hairstylist are saying about H2PRO ceramic flat irons.

Try H2PRO ceramic flat iron, hair dryer or curling iron with no risk for 90 days with Free nationwide shipping offer today!
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H2PRO 100 YVI Variable Temperature 4/10" H2Pro 105MF Allegro Mini (Black & Pink)
Retail Price $140.00
On Sale Today $97.65
You save $42.35!
Retail Price $49.99
On Sale Today $39.95
You save $10.04!
H2PRO 100 YVI Variable Temp. H2Pro-Mini-Black-Pink
H2Pro 105MF Allegro Mini (Black & Red) H2Pro 105MF Allegro Mini (Pink)
Retail Price $49.99
On Sale Today $39.95
You save $10.04!
Retail Price $49.99
On Sale Today $39.95
You save $10.04!
105MF Fixed Temperature  MINI 105MF Fixed Temperature  MINI
H2Pro 105MF Allegro Mini (White & Pink) H2Pro 108 YVI Variable Temp 7/10" Nano Tourmaline Flat Iron
Retail Price $49.99
On Sale Today $39.95
You save $10.04!
Retail Price $109.95
On Sale Today $97.65
You save $12.30!
H2Pro-Allegro-Mini-White-Pink 108 YVI Variable Temperature  7/10 "
H2Pro 109 YVI 7/10" Nano Tourmaline Flat Iron H2PRO 207 PFI 1" Fixed Temp
List Price: $135.00
Retail Price $109.95
On Sale Today $94.57
You save $40.43!
List Price: $135.00
Retail Price $109.95
On Sale Today $78.27
You save $56.73!
109 YVI Variable Temperature  7/10 " DOME H2PRO 207 PFI 1 Fixed Temp
H2PRO 207 PVI Ceramic 1" Nano Tourmaline Flat Iron H2PRO 207 YVI 1" Nano Tourmaline Flat Iron
Retail Price $179.99
On Sale Today $99.67
You save $80.32!
Retail Price $159.99
On Sale Today $98.77
You save $61.22!
H2PRO 207 PVI Ceramic 1 Variable Temp H2PRO 207 YVI 1  Iron Variable Temp.
H2Pro 2500 Ultra Light Blow Dryer H2Pro 2500 Ultra Light Blow Dryer
List Price: $180.00
Retail Price $149.95
On Sale Today $128.57
You save $51.43!
List Price: $180.00
Retail Price $149.95
On Sale Today $128.57
You save $51.43!
2500 BLACK 2500 RED
H2Pro 300 PSE H2PRO 302 YFI 1" Fixed Temp
Retail Price $185.00
On Sale Today $137.87
You save $47.13!
Retail Price $110.00
On Sale Today $69.87
You save $40.13!
300 PSE Variable Temperature  1" H2PRO 302 YFI 1 Fixed Temp
H2PRO 302 YVI Variable Temperature 1 1/4 " H2PRO 405 YFI 1 3/4" Fixed Temp
Retail Price $139.99
On Sale Today $99.87
You save $40.12!
Retail Price $115.00
On Sale Today $69.67
You save $45.33!
302 YVI Variable Temperature  1 1/4 " H2PRO 405 YFI 1 3/4" Fixed Temp
H2PRO 405 YVI 1 3/4" Variable Temp H2Pro ALLEGRO 1 3/4"
Retail Price $150.00
On Sale Today $97.67
You save $52.33!
Retail Price $130.00
On Sale Today $97.27
You save $32.73!
H2PRO 405 YVI 1 Variable Temp. ALLEGRO 1 3/4" black & red Fixed Temperature Control
Retail Price $120.00
On Sale Today $89.95
You save $30.05!
Retail Price $130.00
On Sale Today $94.55
You save $35.45!
ALLEGRO 1" black & red Fixed Temperature Control ALLEGRO CRIMPER black & red Fixed Temperature Control
H2Pro PRESTO 1 1/4" H2pro PRESTO 1"
List Price: $180.00
Retail Price $159.95
On Sale Today $137.67
You save $42.33!
List Price: $180.00
Retail Price $154.95
On Sale Today $137.67
You save $42.33!
PRESTO 1 1/4" black & red Variable Temperature Control PRESTO 1" black & red Variable Temperature Control
H2Pro VIVACE 1 1/4" H2Pro VIVACE 1"
Retail Price $120.00
On Sale Today $99.95
You save $20.05!
Retail Price $180.00
On Sale Today $137.67
You save $42.33!
VIVACE 1 1/4" black & red Variable Temperature Control VIVACE 1" black & red Variable Temperature Control
H2pro VIVACE 1" PINK H2Pro VIVACE 4/10"
Retail Price $180.00
On Sale Today $137.67
You save $42.33!
List Price: $180.00
Retail Price $150.00
On Sale Today $127.67
You save $52.33!
VIVACE 1" PINK Variable Temperature Control VIVACE 4/10" black & red Variable Temperature Control
Retail Price $180.00
On Sale Today $149.95
You save $30.05!
VIVACE CRIMPER black & red Variable Temperature Control
See what some of the Nation's Top Hairstylist are saying about H2PRO Ceramic Flat Irons

Lori Rozman, Dept. Head Hairstylist, Vampire Diaries

I recently was introduced to H2PRO professional hair tools (irons and dryers) and I have been using them on the set with fabulous results! My favorite tools are the 4/10 Vivace flat iron and the MINI iron. Both tools are great for short hair and you can get very close to the root because of their design. The 450-degree high heat smoothes hair easily and leaves a nice glossy finish, in addition to setting the hair nicely even when there's high humidity. As a professional, I rely upon having the best set of tools to accomplish my work and it's great to have found these wonderful tools!

Jennifer Johnson, Department. Head Hairstylist, Gossip Girl

The H2PRO Black Onyx styling iron offers incredible shine and it ran through the hair so smoothly! I love this flat iron! From the first time you pass it through hair, it works so well. Another stylist on set and I fight over use of this iron (after she misplaced hers). I use the iron to usually smooth the hair, maybe bend it sometimes. It works very well on all hair types. We haven't had any static issues after using it. The H2PRO 2500 Dryer cuts the drying time down almost in half, which is great when working on set. This dryer is on the top of my list! A lot of dryers make hair tangly and leaves it looking and feeling damaged, but this one left my hair so smooth and soft. It heats up fast and it offers high heat. I didn't notice any loud noise and it's definitely not heavy. The hair is left shiny and without any static.

Theraesa Rivers, Deparptment. Head of Hair, Mad Men

I love the H2PRO 2500 blow dryer - it's amazing! It's so lightweight and creates lots of shine. I love the super high heat, too. I noticed the great static control-- usually I get static with one of the actresses' hair, but with this dryer, I didn't get any. I love the Black Onyx flat iron too, the high heat, and the temperature control. It gave a lot of shine, too. I'm African American and usually I have to do about 4 passes to get my hair bone straight, but with this iron, I only needed 2 passes. Thank you!

Garry Allyn, Department. Head of Hair, Ringer

I love love, love, love this Black Onyx iron! I am currently using it on the CW show Ringer to create sexy, wavy hair on Sarah Michelle Gellar. It's very comfortable to use and leaves the hair shiny and smooth! I have found my new favorite flat iron!

Shelley Brien, Hair Department Head, The Bling Ring by Sofia Coppola

The H2PRO Black Onyx flat iron is incredible!!!! The shine that it puts in the hair does not go unnoticed. I'm working with Emma Watson and every day we have to put a full head of extensions in and we all know how they can start to look dull and dry and get tangled up with each other. The Black Onyx was a life saver keeping the hair so shiny, looking healthy and easy to run my fingers through. Everyone wanted to know what hair product I was using on her. Thank you!

Chris Clark, Department Head of Hair, Pan Am

I love that 2500 [Ultra Light, Nano Hi Tech] Dryer!

Mary Guerrero, Department Head of Hair, Dancing with the Stars

All the hairstylists on Dancing with the Stars (we have 5 Emmy Award-winning stylists on our hair team) love the H2PRO Presto Turbo styling tool and the 2500 Ultra Light Dryer!!! We love the ergonomics of the flat iron, it is really light and easy to use. It heats up quickly and controls frizz and static very well. Gets the job done very fast! We mostly do straightening with it and some loose curls. The dryer is also very lightweight and not heavy at all. It dries hair very fast! Plus it leaves it shiny, and not dry or damaged at all.

Ron Scott, Hairstylist, CSI NY

The H2PRO Black Onyx flat iron really straightens the hair in one sweep. It leaves the hair straight silky and shiny, while the 2500 blow dryer dries the hair so fast that at first I could not believe it. It produces a lot of heat and seems to make the hair less frizzy. I love the irons and dryer!

Paul Dugg Kirkpatrick, Department Head of Hair, Glee

That H2PRO 3500 Dryer I have to say is the best I've ever used! I'm putting my Solano in the closet as my back up. I used a porcelain brush and didn't even have to use the flat iron after. LOVE IT! Nikki is using the Black Onyx flat iron on Amber (starring cast member)...[she] loves it. I'm trying the H2PRO Mini and Marcel curling them so far. I especially love the spring on the Marcel. The mini is really smart, compact and effective. Great mini flat [iron].

Shunika Terry, Hair Department Head VH-1 "Single Ladies Season 2"

I absolutely love the H2PRO Ultralight Nano Hi-Tech 2500 blowdryer! I was totally amazed on how it cut down on my drying time. It's very light and blows the right amount of heat without drying out my actresses' hair.. I've used it on natural hair, extensions, and wigs. I'm a big fan of the H2PRO Black Onyx flat iron as well. I used the combination of the dryer and iron on a busy rush, rush day for Denise Vasi a.k.a. "Raquel" on Single Ladies. Her hair had a nice shine after using your tools. I will definitely keep these tools with me in the trailer.

Aaron Light, Stylist to Zooey Deschanel, The New Girl

I love the new H2PRO BLACK ONYX styling iron. The hair comes out like silk! It's been amazing for Zooey's bangs and for Hannah's hair as well.

Carl Bailey, Dept. Head Hair, and Roma Goddard, Key Hairstylist, Revenge

This H2PRO Black Onyx styling iron is amazing! 1. It does not pull or snag the hair, it glides through the hair and our actors love it. 2. Heats strands and straightens quickly with controlled temperature. 3. Easy to handle design 4. Heats larger sections well. 5. It is a visually an elegant and slim looking design. Thank you so much for your generosity! We will tell our fellow stylists and actors to buy them.

Tim Burke, Hair Stylist, Two Broke Girls, Mike & Molly

I liked the H2PRO 2500 dryer a whole lot! I put my other model to rest after years of use, which is a big deal. I have been using the 2500 dryer on the set of Two Broke Girls to blow out Beth Behr's hair. I liked the lightweight quality and power of this dryer.

Gabriella Pollino-Rodman, Department. Head Hairdresser, "Are You There, Chelsea?"

I used the H2PRO Presto Turbo flat iron on my lead actress, Laura Prepon, on the new show "Are You There, Chelsea?" which will premiere on Jan. 11, 2012 on NBC following "Whitney." I liked the way it performed, heating up quickly and evenly which is very important as time is always a rare commodity in the Television world of hairdressing. Sometimes, I have 2 irons working when I have to 'double team'. It feels comfortable in my hand, and I love that I only have to do a minimum amount of passes to get the results I want! Thank you again.

Bruce Samia, Department Head of Hair: CSI-NY

I have been working in the television industry for 15 years and am always looking for styling tools that help my hectic days run smoother. The H2PRO Ultra-Light Nano High-Tech 2500 Dryer and the H2PRO Presto Turbo 1" flat iron have answered that. They are both lightweight, powerful and easy to use. A day full of blow-drys on a set is hectic enough, and to find styling tools that help make it easier is always a plus. The PRESTO 1" flat iron slides through any type of hair with ease. Between the dryer and the flat iron, my days just seemed to get a whole lot easier. Thank you, H2PRO!

Jai Williams, Stylist, The Wendy Williams Show

I have been using the 2 items (Black Onyx and 2500 dryer) you sent me and I am absolutely in love!!! They are amazing!!! I have nothing but good things to say about them!!! [The Black Onyx is] really is the best flat iron I have ever used. It really smoothes out the cuticle and works with any hair texture!

Gretchen Trukenbrod, Director of Education at the Halycon Days Salon and Spa at Saks 5th Avenue, New York City

The H2PRO equipment...was incredible. The Black Onyx flat iron made the hair so soft and silky. The hair was able to glide through so smoothly and looked so shiny after using it. I was able to use the 2500 UltraLight blow dryer. I couldn't believe a blow dryer that powerful was so light. It gave beautiful shine and body to every blow dry and I could feel a difference in my arms at the end of the day. It's also very quiet for such a small blow dryer. Clients definitely noticed and asked what kind of dryer I was using. Thanks for letting us try your products!

Frankie Payne, Hairstylist, Opus Beauty

I used both H2PRO items - the Black Onyx and 2500 Dryer. I loved them both! I love the size of Black Onyx iron. It gets hot really fast and it's easy to manipulate hair for curling and straightening, and gives you lots of versatility. And the blow dryer is great. It's lightweight! A lot of air comes out and it dries hair quickly. Great design on both items - love the black on black. Thanks again!

Robert Hallowell, Hairstylist

Both H2PRO products are beautifully presented. The 2500 Dryer is perfect. The buttons are in the right place on the dryer in terms of placement on handle, and it felt very balanced and comfortable in my hand and the weight was fine. I achieved a lot of shine also using both tools. I worked on an African American girl who needed something to complement the shiny outfit she wore, and so the dryer helped with creating a shiny purple hairdo. She wanted bigger hair. I used both the dryer and iron to style her. I didn't notice any static, and both products worked very fast and were easy to use.

Will Carrillo, Hairstylist, Celestine Agency

The H2PRO 2500 Dryer is a very light dryer, I was amazed by how it dried hair really really fast! I like that! It's even lighter than other brands I currently use. The shine it produces is really good, it controls fly-aways and static too. And, it's also a very quiet dryer. It's great!
La secadora de pelo H2PRO 2500 es muy ligera de peso, me sorprendio en la rapidez que seca el cabello, eso me encanto! Es mucho mas ligera que las otras marcas que he usado ultimamente. El brillo que produce es genial, controlando los pelitos rebeldes y la estatica... Entre otras cosas es mas silenciosa aun. Me fascina!

Alyn Topper, Hair Artist

I love the H2PRO 2500 blow dryer and the Black Onyx flat iron gives the hair great shine. The blow dryer makes the hair have less static and creates a nice shine. I like that the flat iron doesn't need any recovery time and stays consistent heat-wise.

Anthony Wilson, Department. Head Hairstylist, 63rd Primetime Emmys Awards, The Castle

The H2PRO Black Onyx has an amazing glide and ability to seal the cuticle, and the adjustable heat was excellent for working on both coarse and fine hair. Plus the static control was great. The iron was very easy to maneuver through hair, even when I was making square curls on the dancers. I also liked the lightweight quality of the 2500 Dryer, the long nozzle design, the high heat, and cooling function for setting hair. The Black Onyx offers a higher level of quality than other professional tools currently being used by Hollywood stylists and it's definitely a must have item for a professional stylist's kit.

Lillie Frierson, Hairstylist, 63rd Primetime Emmys Awards

I have never heard of H2Pro before, this was my first time using their iron and dryer. I liked the Black Onyx because it got really hot, and it was really easy to create curls and waves. I mostly use a flat iron to make curls instead of a curling iron these days. The 450-degree heat allowed me to effectively seal the hair cuticle and create a lot of shine, so that the hair didn't need extra polishers. The performance was really great, the iron is not too bulky. I liked the fact that the 2500 Dryer came with a diffuser.

Edward Morrison, Hairstylist, 63rd Primetime Emmys Awards

What I loved most about the Black Onyx is the weight distribution--it felt even in my hand, and allowed me to seal down the cuticle quickly and finish the hair. When curling hair, it left no marks or creases in the hair. And the iron heated up very fast and did not lose temperature while it was passed through the hair.
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